Face the elephant in the room

COP26 is said to be “our last hope” at limiting global warming to 1.5C. During the United Nation's climate conference in Glasgow, the steaks are extraordinarily high. With animal meat being responsible for almost 60% of total greenhouse gases that come from food, the issue truly is the meat of the matter. Its impact is so big, that it cannot be ignored. Yet, meat consumption is nowhere to be found on the climate summit’s agenda. That’s right – it’s the elephant in the (conference) room.

The Vegetarian Butcher says: the time is now to take #ClimeatAction. And since we’re all about taking the animal out, let’s get this elephant out the room as well. Let’s face the elephant in the room. Literally.

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the impact

See the impact below of our raw vegan burger compared to an beef burger with animal meat

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Global warming

94% lower global warming impact compared to animal meat

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Land use

95% lower land use compared to animal meat

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Water use

77% lower water consumption compared to animal meat