We Match Vegans With Meat Eaters

Showing no one has to sacrifice love this valentines

Two guys on a date | Did He Meet His Soul Mate?

This Valentine’s Day, The Vegetarian Butcher has enlisted the hearts of six singletons to take part in a blind social dating experiment to see if sparks fly over dinner. The catch? Unbeknownst to them, they have been matched based on compatibility bar, with one key difference - one is a keen vegan, and the other is a committed carnivore. 

Dietary choices are becoming an increasingly important lifestyle consideration, especially when looking for love. A whopping 75% of Brits say it’s important they date someone with the same dietary preference1. Additionally, a meaty one in ten Brits (9%) would consider ‘following a different diet’ to themselves as a deal breaker or a turn-off when dating someone new.

The Vegetarian Butcher is on a mission to change this, embarking on a food revolution to make plant-based eating the new normal - turning what was once a ‘red flag’ into a healthy compromise, for both physical and relationship health. 

Helping lonely-hearts ‘meat’ like-minded lovers that likely would have been swiped left on; The Vegetarian Butcher has conducted a social experiment. 

Serving up a meaty menu - secretly using only its plant-based meat alternatives - in a line-up of pleasurable dishes to prove that we can meet in the middle with a plant-based butcher’s ranges – to show that we have more in common then what sets us apart.