Magic Mince Cottage Pie

Magic Mince Cottage Pie

Vegan version of a classic using 'The Vegetarian Butcher' Magic Mince


10 servings


  • 60.00 g Knorr Gluten Free gravy granules for Meat Dishes
  • 10.00 g Knorr Professional Mixed Herbs puree
  • 20.00 ml vegetable oil
  • 200.00 g onions
  • 200.00 g carrots
  • 1.00 x bay leaf
  • 600.00 g The Vegetarian Butcher Magic Mince
  • 1,000.00 g potatoes
  • 50.00 g tomato puree
  • 3.00 g Seasoning salt pepper
  • 150.00 g vegan butter
  • 800.00 ml water


  1. For base: Finely dice onions and carrots.

  2. Sweat in a large pan with vegetable oil and bay leaf for 5 minutes till onions are translucent.

  3. Add tomato puree and cook for a further 2 minutes.

  4. Add 'The Vegetarian Butcher' NoMince (which does not need browning) and KNORR Professional Mixed Herbs Puree.

  5. In separate pan bring water to boil and whisk in KNORR Gravy Granules for Meat Dishes. to thicken.

  6. Add gravy to mince and cook out for 5 minutes.

  7. Divide mixture into base of individual dishes.

  8. For mash potato: Peel and cut potatoes evenly. About 5cm cubes.

  9. Boil potatoes in pan till soft. Drain well and place back in pan over low heat to dry out for 1 minute.

  10. Push Potatoes through potato ricer and add vegan butter to enrich.

  11. Season and pipe mash potato over NoMince in the individual dishes..

  12. To finish and serve: Melt the vegan butter and brush over the potato topping.

  13. Cook in combi oven at 175c for 25 minutes till core temperature meets Food Safety Guidelines.

  14. Suggest serving with Braised red cabbage and tender stem broccoli.


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