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Join our New Year’s revolution

We’re turning the world of meat on its head and kicking convention in the chicken tenders.

Using true old school butcher’s craft, we bring you proper vegetarian meat. A full serving of meat-lover favourites made by our own bonified meat lovers to get your juices flowing. Get your delicious fill of our meat in all its varieties, without sacrifice on taste, texture or unashamed satisfaction.

Veganuary is the perfect time to join our revolution and your fellow hungry rebels who love meat’s rich textures and big flavours, but crave something different. There’s no better taste, and no better time to give it a go.  

We know that Veganuary might seem a bit daunting and we understand that your reasons for looking at cutting down on meat will vary (animal welfare, health, the planet).  Our advice is to prepare as much as possible (check out our hints and tips below!), and to celebrate every success and win!

Get your chops round this lot

“Veganuary? Never!”, you say? With our succulent vegan meat range, you’d be surprised how easy it is to put dishes on the table to rival their animal meat counterparts.

Go on, give these delectable dishes a go.

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Grab Veganuary by the horns with these tips

1. Chew on it ahead of time – plan your meals, get ingredients ready and a few packs of Little Peckers for emergencies.

2. Ease yourself in – meat’s delicious, we know that. So make simple switches, like for like. Have your kebab and eat it, with our Good Karma Shwarma.

3. There’s no need for new tricks – substitute the meat in your famous tikka masala with our What the Cluck chicken. You’ll be begging for more!

 4. Keep the flame alive – once you’ve got the simple hacks down, expand your culinary repertoire. Indulge in our delicious vegan recipes.

5. Shamelessly face plant – More than ever, pubs, restaurants and cafes provide vegan/vegetarian options on their menus. Look out the vegan logo or plant-based descriptions.

6. Celebrate little wins – you’ve given it a good go. So you’ve been tempted by one sausage roll, you saucy mince! Who gives a cluck?


Get to grips with Veganuary with more info here