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Plant-based for the win. That’s right, everything on the menu is either vegan or vegetarian. With all this change, you can finally tip your delivery driver.

Banter and flavour powered by The Vegetarian Butcher

Key: Vegetarian (V) Vegan (VG)


Peckish for The Vegetarian Butcher’s Little Peckers

Spicy Buffalo Nuggets

Spicy Buffalo Nuggets (VG)

Tossed in red-hot sauce paired with a cooling, creamy dip

Bad Bonnie Nuggets

Bad Bonnie Nuggets (VG)

Coated in a fiery scotch bonnet sauce topped with spring onion and ginger mayo 

Sweet Chilli Chicken Nuggets

Sweet Chilli Chicken Nuggets (VG)

With spring onion, red chilli and sweet chilli dipping sauce

Sweet & Spicy Korean Nuggets

Sweet ‘n Spicy Korean Nuggets (VG)

Tossed in Gochujang with spring onion and sesame seeds

Darn Tootin BBQ Nuggets

Darn Tootin’ BBQ Nuggets (V)

Covered in NoBacon bits topped with pickled onions


The Vegetarian Butcher’s Vegeterrier Is in The House

The Coney Cult Classic Dog

The Coney Cult Classic Dog (VG)

Vegan chilli sin carne with The Vegetarian Butcher’s Magic Mince , gooey cheese sauce, diced onion and garlic mayo

The Chi Town Dog

The Chi Town Dog (VG)

Onion, tomato wedges, pickles, sport peppers, green relish & celery salt

The Hot Dang Dog

The Hot Dang Dog (VG)

Spicy red-hot sauce, creamy slaw, pickled celery

The Spicy Dog

The ‘El Spicy’ Dog (VG)

Chili Sin Carne with avocado, tomato and pickled jalapeno

The Reubun Dog

The Reubun Dog (VG)

Smoky sauerkraut with a Russian dressing

The Baaaaad Dog

The Baaaaad Dog (V)

The Vegetarian Butcher’s Bacon Bits, mac ‘n cheese

Welcome to the bark sides


Drop it Like it's Tot

Drop it like it’s Tot

House tater tots with chili salt

Loaded Tater Tots

Loaded Tater Tots

Loaded with sauerkraut, house sauce, pickles, caraway seeds

Chilli Cheese Tots

Chilli Cheese Tots

Chilli sin carne with The Vegetarian Butcher’s Magic Mince, covered in cheese sauce, pickled jalapenos, ranch dressing

Rings of Fire

Rings of Fire

Onion rings with scotch bonnet sauce

House Slaw

House Slaw

With our crrrreamy dressing


Dip it real good

Ginger Mayo

House BBQ Dip

Fancy Truffle Mayo

Ranch Dip

Roasted Garlic Aioli


Delisious Recipe on a Plate

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