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Advice for The Vegetarian Butcher on your menu

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Discover how you can best put the meat of The Vegetarian Butcher on your menu.  In order to persuade even the biggest lovers of meat to choose your vegetarian dishes – we recommend avoiding words like ‘veggie’ and ‘fake meat’ – they don’t sound very tasty!

It is true that The Vegetarian Butcher's products are made from vegetables, but they are not specifically made for vegetarians. They are made for meat lovers - people who love the taste and texture of meat (indeed our found Jaap once said, ‘if you don’t like meat – don’t buy our products!’).

So we should be trying to appeal to meat eaters – as well as vegetarians and vegans!

Our products are made for meat lovers - people who love the taste and texture of meat.
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Advice for your menu


We know from studies that 89% * of all vegetarian dishes are ordered out of the house by meat eaters. It is therefore important to keep in mind that they are a large part of your target audience. What does this mean for your menu?


Do not separate out the vegetarian/vegan dishes on your menu…


Vegetarian dishes are more likely to be ordered when they are among all other main courses. For example – you could add a chilli-con-carne to the menu – and right next to it include The Vegetarian Butcher Chilli-sin-carne!


Use vegetarian and vegan icons


Guests who are vegetarian or vegan can quickly find a dish that suits their preference.

*Bron: https://www.cam.ac.uk/vegnudge

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