On a mission

As an impact-driven business, sustainability is at our core.

The strength of The Vegetarian Butcher lies in unleashing a worldwide food revolution that makes the switch to plant-based food as easy and tasty as possible. That has been our starting point since 2010. Talking about impact: the biggest impact we are driving, is removing animals from the chain. However, our commitment goes way beyond that, from sourcing to packaging. We want to have a positive effect on the industry in many ways and make that tangible.

Our Impact Report captures the essence of what we do and how we do it. It is our ode to all The Vegetarian Butchers and our growing community of rebels, pioneers and lovers of the new meat, who make this revolution happen every day. In five chapters (36 pages), you can read all about it. Welcome to the biggest food revolution of all time!


Feast without the beast

You’re invited to join the biggest food revolution of all time – a revolution that will fundamentally change the way people look at meat. The impact we strive for is big. Real big. 


Looking for inspiration ?

The Butcher's Wall of Fame

We believe the proof is in the (black) pudding, so have an exclusive peek into our trophy cabinet. Our brand has been heralded by industry figures, including a jury of butchers, culinary journalists and Michelin-star chefs.

We won’t boast about all of the awards (as there are more than 25!), but here are a few of our favourites through the years.


An image of a selection of the awards that the Vegetarian Butcher has won over the years

Serve meat with benefits

Through a simple process that involves procedures like heating, grinding, cooling and mixing, we turn high quality ingredients into our plant-based meat. But it’s what’s on the outside that counts, too. Our chilled retail products are packed in a 100% post-consumer recycled PET tray. And our very cool frozen boxes in retail? These are made from recyclable carton.