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High Quality Meat

Made by meat lovers, for meat lovers. The Vegetarian Butcher is all about replicating that moreish taste and texture you get from meat, whilst being better for the planet and kinder to animals. We like to say, no meat substitutes, only meat successors.


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Food Revolution

This is an uprising. A food uprising. We’re standing up for plant-based nutrition and the lifestyle benefits that come with it. We’re part of a movement to change the meat industry for the better good of our health, the planet and animal welfare. Raise your forks, because a new age of meat has arrived.

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Just as workhorses have been replaced by mechanical horsepower, animals will also become superfluous for the production of meat. By removing the animal from the food chain, we are working on an impactful change in the food supply. In this way, culinary traditions remain unchanged and you can put the tastiest dishes on the table in no time.


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