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Sacrifice Nothing

By creating the best plant-based meat, perfectly replicated in taste, texture and nutrition, we are paying a true tribute to meat, tradition and craftmanship. We are part of a movement to change the industry for the better – for the animals, the planet, and all the meat lovers. Join the revolution. Sacrifice Nothing!

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Releasing the animals from the chain  

At The Vegetarian Butcher, we believe there is nothing wrong with meat’s taste and texture; it’s the production method we challenge. We believe there is a way we can produce meat in a more efficient, animal-friendly and environmentally friendly way: by cutting out the middleman and release the animal from the chain. Just like work horses were once replaced by tractors, there is a new technology on the horizon in the meat industry.

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The Vegetarian Butcher Meat Grinder RGB.tif
The Vegetarian Butcher Meat Grinder RGB.tif
The Vegetarian Butcher Meat Grinder RGB.tif
Our Awards

Global warming

94% lower global warming impact compared to animal meat

Our Innovations

Land use

95% lower land use compared to animal meat

Household info

Water use

77% lower water consumption compared to animal meat

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